On 7th April 2020 my Yahoo account at the email address j*****p*****t at yahoo dot com was hacked. Do not respond to any email you may receive from this email address format, or to any email you may receive from any other email address that appears to be from me, or to any other form of communication whatsoever (including but not limited to telephone calls) from anyone claiming to be me or claiming to represent me about any domain name registration sale or purchase. I very strongly recommend that you block my Yahoo email address from sending emails to your email account's inbox. My Nominet tag is JASONWRIGHT. All domain name registrations hosted on this tag are subject to a temporary sales embargo. Do not agree to send or receive funds in any form or by any method to or from anyone regarding my domain name registrations. Do not send money to my PayPal account that uses the same Yahoo email address format stated above. This account has also been hacked . I accept no liability for any eventualities arising from my mobile phone company's failure to verify my identity when a fraudster reported to it that my mobile phone and SIM card had been stolen and issued a replacement SIM card to the fraudster, allowing him to obtain a one-time code to bypass my password and gain access to my email account, or from any eventualities arising from your failure to heed this warning message. No domain name registrations hosted on the Nominet tag JASONWRIGHT are for sale at this time. This matter has been reported to Action Fraud, the UK's cyber crime police agency who are now investigating. Sales will resume in due course. Please return for an update. Thank you. Jason Wright.